Welcome to our June Newsletter

During the past few weeks, gardens and all things garden-related have played a huge part in keeping everybody going and many have rediscovered the simple pleasure of seeing the garden bursting into the full life of early summer. Every day more and more plants are coming into growth or into flower and it is reassuring to see the horticultural year carrying on doing what it does best amidst all the chaos and turmoil of recent months. Gardening is great for mental health and physical wellbeing – plenty of fresh air, sunshine (hopefully) and Vitamin D - and even weeding is good exercise!The longer evenings mean more time for gardening and there is still plenty of time to plant summer bedding, herbaceous perennials (the plants that miraculously come back year after year, having died right back over the winter), plants and shrubs. Roses are looking particularly spectacular just now.

Colour your summer
For multi-hued tubs, containers, windowboxes and hanging baskets, try mixing colourful perennials with grasses, and using some Alpines or herb plants to cascade over the edges – or mix summer bedding with perennials for a different look. For instant colour, fill in gaps in flower beds and borders with bedding plants, water thoroughly and as with all flowering plants, dead head regularly.

Water, water everywhere…
In dry conditions, it makes sense to stand pots and containers on trays or saucers so there is no waste and excess water does not just flow away into the ground. Its vital to keep watering and feeding your containers, tubs and hanging baskets, as they haven’t got as much access to water and nutrients as anything planted directly into the soil. An irrigation system, although a bit of an investment, saves a lot of time, and is great for groups of containers.
Keep any recently planted trees, shrubs, perennials and alpines well watered until they get themselves established.

Watering hacks
In dry conditions, plunge a plastic water bottle, with the bottom sawn off, alongside the plants so that you can send plenty of water straight to the thirsty roots. Plant out tender crops such as tomatoes, aubergine, outdoor cucumbers and peppers in a sunny sheltered spot. Dig a small, moat-like trench around the plants to keep them moist – kids love doing this and filling the moat with water, just like with sandcastles on the beach, and it’s a great way to get them involved.  Feed the young plants weekly with a high potash fertiliser for good cropping throughout the summer.

Growing your own is easy – and delicious!
There’s a mouthwatering array of vegetables that can still be sown and planted around now – lettuces, spring onions, radish, carrots, peas, swedes, French beans and runner beans. Plant out sweetcorn in square blocks as this will help with wind pollination.  Marrows, courgettes, pumpkins and squashes will be ready to plant out now, just dig in plenty of organic matter when planting as they require a good rich soil to produce tasty, nutrient-packed vegetables.

And finally, at Van Hage
We are taking great care with social distancing measures by limiting the number of visitors coming in   and with our floor markings and regular announcements reminding customers to keep distance.  Our customers have been very appreciative of our efforts and say they feel safe and reassured by all the measures put in place.

We are working tirelessly with all our suppliers to stay well-stocked for all your gardening needs and, above all, we are so pleased and happy to welcome our customers again.

June heralds the beginning of summer and all that brings with it. Yes, there are still plenty of garden jobs to complete, but It’s now a golden time to sit back, enjoy your garden and take some time to smell the roses!

From the team at Van Hage