September Gardening Tips

Sunday, September 1, 2019
September gardening tips are provided by John Morgan, Category Manager Horticulture at Van Hage.


  •  Plant bulbs between shrubs, perennials, under trees and in the lawn.
  •  Plant bulbs in containers with hardy Pansy or other Autumn bedding
  •  Plant bulbs, such as hyacinth in pots to force for early  indoor flowering


  •  The last clip for hedges that are frequently trimmed
  • Most other  hedges are best pruned by the end of the month such as Beach

Beds and borders

  • Cut back perennials as they finish as part of the Autumn tidy up
  • Remove faded blooms of annual and perennial plants
  • As Rose petals fade remove the flowering stem and feed
  • Support and tie up climbing and tall growing plants


  • Mow as required and trim the edges
  • Apply Autumn lawn food, which will prepare the lawn for winter
  • Aerate and scarify to remove debris
  • Sow grass seed on bare patches


  • Protect ripening fruit from the birds with netting
  • Pick and enjoy fruit as soon as they ripen
  • Prepare to store apples and pears in a cool place, pick in cool dry conditions before fully mature
  • Ensure new trees are properly stakes before Autumn gales

Bedding plants

  • The weekly removal of faded blooms will encourage more flowers
  • Water and feed all containers and hanging baskets
  • As plants finish, remove and prepare the ground for planting hardy Autumn bedding such as winter flowering pansy, in the ground and in containers
  • Double your colour by under-planting with bulbs


  • Pick crops as they mature
  • Continue to sow small batches of quickly maturing crops such as Radish
  • Remove old tired leaves, do not let them rot on the ground they may spread infection
  • Support and tie in new growth, such as runner beans
  • Keep greenhouses well ventilated, remove yellow leaves on Tomatoes, keep feeding Peppers

House plants

  • As  summer ends slowly reduce the amount of water
  • Feed less regularly
  • As the days become less sunny ensure plants have good light
  • Remove any faded blooms


  • Hoe or use a weed killer, ask for advice if help is needed for the best treatment, a sample in a plastic bag or a photo makes identification easier.

Pest and disease

  • Late summer and early autumn is always the time of year when the garden comes under attack, organic and chemical methods are available, ask for advice if help is needed for the best treatment, a sample in a plastic bag or a photo makes identification easier.


  • The hose pipe ban has been lifted. Gardeners will be able to use hose pipes in the normal way as the need to water occurs, especially during the holiday season

Horticulturally trained staff are always available to help at Van Hage.